$MIMIC is an ERC-20 utility token that is required in order for the Mimicry Protocol to function in the most healthy way possible.

Overview of $MIMIC

$MIMIC is the native utility token used within the Mimicry Protocol to ensure a healthy ecosystem. The token will be used to pay all fees to the network, tip Balancers, unlock features, and facilitate DAO governance. $MIMIC has a max supply of 1B tokens. All $MIMIC distributed for community rewards as part of our initial token supply will be minted at the time they are claimed.

In-App Use Cases describes how Mimes interact with $MIMIC.

Rewards describes how players can earn rewards for providing liquidity to the protocol.

Governance describes how players may impact the mechanics of the protocol.

Distribution describes how the 1B $MIMIC tokens will be allocated.

Vesting describes how tokens will be locked when distributed to various recipients.

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