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Directors (Market Sponsors)

Directors create, maintain, and promote Pantomime markets.
The first subset of players in our game are Directors and their role is to create, maintain, and advertise Pantomime markets.
Directors receive exit fees within their Pantomimes, at a rate which they set, in exchange for sponsoring the gas costs of maintaining reference-price oracle feeds for their Pantomimes. Additionally, because more players within a given Pantomime means more revenue, Directors are also incentivized to spend their own resources marketing their Pantomimes to other players throughout the world.
Game theory will prevent Directors from charging unfair exit fees because another Director can create a similar Pantomime with lower exit fees at any time. Game theory also incentivizes oracle price feeds to be well funded because competing Directors can overtake control of an abandoned Pantomime whenever a Pantomime’s escrow-fund for gas falls below an unsafe threshold, such as $250 USD. Simultaneously there is an economic incentive for a Director to abandon a Pantomime that has low liquidity due to a lack of overall demand from players in the community.
Note that Directors bear legal responsibility for the markets they create, and that the Mimicry Protocol simply provides the smart contract infrastructure that enables anyone to create new Pantomime markets. We encourage Directors to seek the advice of independent council prior to promoting or advertising any markets they have created.