Notable Vocabulary

We sometimes use novel vocabulary to describe certain aspects of our system.
Mimicry Protocol
A collection of smart contracts that govern the mechanics of a decentralized prediction game.
The native utility token for the Mimicry Protocol.
The core participants in the Mimicry ecosystem; Directors, Actors, Producers, Balancers, and Crew.
The players who create and maintain Pantomime markets.
The traders who open long and short positions within Pantomime markets.
The players who provide liquidity to both sides of Pantomime markets.
The players who maintain software that automatically calls smart contract functions to keep the system healthy.
The contributors who are building Mimicry.
Mimicry Marketplace
The GUI where players interact with the Mimicry Protocol.
A synthetic prediction market that uses on-chain oracle price feeds to mimic external price movement of other markets; also refers to a theatrical story told by a silent mime.
An NFT that represents right to a portion of the collateral locked into a Pantomime; a position; also refers to the word that describes an actor in a pantomime.
Actors who think the reference price of a Pantomime is going up in the future; bulls take long positions.
Actors who think the reference price of a Pantomime is going down in the future; bears take short positions.
The difference in the amount of deposited capital, in USD terms, between bullish and bearish Actors within a Pantomime market.
True Odds
A measure that predicts how much a deposit will grow each time a Pantomime’s reference-price doubles.
Rebalancing Event
A smart contract function call that Balancers use to rebalance a Producer’s capital between two sides of a Pantomime in order to match the True Odds of that market.
Value Transfer Event
A smart contract function call that captures losses and distributes profits within a Pantomime.