Wallets Reference

Mimicry leverages a series of wallets to facilitate transparent and simplified on-chain bookkeeping.

Foundation Treasury

  • Historic Treasury: mimicry.eth

  • Reserved for Future Use: treasury.mimicry.eth

Token Vesting Escrow Accounts

All vested tokens will be streamed from these wallets.

  • Reserved for Future Airdrop: airdrop.tokenvesting.mimicry.eth

  • Escrow for Investors: investors.tokenvesting.mimicry.eth

  • Escrow for DAO: dao.tokenvesting.mimicry.eth

  • Escrow for Community Rewards: community.tokenvesting.mimicry.eth

  • Escrow for Team: crew.tokenvesting.mimicry.eth

Contract Manager

Smart contracts will be owned by the following account until we close our public beta and remove contract upgradability.

  • contractmanager.mimicry.eth


We may opt to capture a portion of revenue into an insurance fund to further protect the protocol. All insurance-related expenses and claims will be paid from this account.

  • contractmanager.mimicry.eth

Gas Tank

We will persistently fund a gas tank to support gasless transactions.

  • gastank.mimicry.eth


Various revenue streams will be separated to help ensure the most transparent bookkeeping possible.

  • Reserved for revenue from trading fees: tradingfees.revenue.mimicry.eth

  • Reserved for revenue from yield farming: farming.revenue.mimicry.eth

  • Reserved for revenue from promoted markets: ads.revenue.mimicry.eth

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