Skew-Change Risk

As illustrated within our Token Flow Illustration, the earning potential within each side of a Pantomime shifts anytime collateral is added or removed from the pool, while the risk exposure remains constant at 1:1. Bullish and bearish Pantomime skew will also change when there are fluctuations in the price of some, or all, of the collateralized tokens in the pool. This means that an Actor may open a bullish position when they fundamentally believe the odds of a Pantomime’s reference price increasing happens to be greater than the odds represented in a pool, and they might become surprised when the odds in the pool suddenly change.

In practice skew-change risk is mitigated in two ways. First, the function of Balancers in our system will incentivize many rebalancing events following small movements in a Pantomime’s reference price, and thus preventing significant un-hedged exposure for Producer positions. However, there still may be times where a player removes a large amount of capital from one side of a Pantomime, inadvertently changing the earning odds of the opposite side quite significantly. Our second mitigation strategy is our automated position management tools, which will allow Mimes swap-sides whenever certain skew changes occur.

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